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'Bawdy' Bag

'Bawdy' Bag

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'Bawdy' meaning... Dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent. 

We have combined these products into a humorously collection of personal  products for women with names to cater every situation.  'Bawdy' bag, Bachelorette gift, Valentine gift or a Naughty gift for that special lady.

  • Waterproof Massager with battery included
  • Bath Bomb Trio
  • Shower Bomb Trio
  • ABCD ( Activated Black Charcoal Detox)
  • Panty Lace Loofah
  • 3 Erotic Soaps; penis soap, tiny v'j and a spermie
  • Baby ducky
  • Cosmetic carry case
  • Gift tag

Our bathing products are All NATURAL and MADE IN AMERICA!