CBD Bath Bombs, CBD bath bomb, CBD bath bomb for men
CBD Bath Bomb, CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Massage oil, CBD spa massage oils, CBD Lube
CBD bath bombs, CBD Bath Bomb, CBD Spa Massage oil, CBD massage oils spa, CBD Lube

CBD Bath Bombs Pack ~ 300 mg

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A Mans' body need some comfort from the aches and pains too.  "A real man isn't afraid to take a bath" Suzy Bubbles.

Our own Bath Bomb creation here, you will not find these anywhere else at the moment.  We do have Copy Cats 1 step behind us though, but they will never match our quality.

Our bombs are certified. If we say there is 50 mg in every single CBD Bath Bomb, there will be 50 mg in every single CBD Bath Bomb. 

We put 50 mg of CBD into every Bath Bomb. We recommend 1 CBD Bath Bomb per bath, but you can dose yourself, however, anything over 100mg may be a waste of the CBD product, our bodies can only absorb so much CBD at a time.  If your craving more bath bomb, look into our Bath Bombs by the dozen to add to your bath as well.

Every color has it's own fragrance. All of them have a spa essence to remind you, that you are doing something absolutely wonderful just for yourself.

Information on how CBD Bath Bombs in a tub can really benefit your body.


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