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CBD Lube 100mg ~ 6 ounces

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This lube is infused with CBD and there are many benefits to incorporating it into lubricant. Such as increased blood flow and circulation. this transforms into a heightened sensitivity and stronger orgasms helps with dryness and tension. CBD can even help with vaginal pain it also relieves tension and dryness. Moisturizes and regenerates skin. Rev up your sex life with our natural lubricant. It truly helps with the healing after.

If you need more Lube, we recommend using a Sliquid, we have it listed here as well.  This way you don't use up all your lube at one time. 

Save $5.97, buy 3 bottles at one time

100 mg secret ingredient

Fragrant Free

Water based

Nano emulsified

Increases lubrication

Natural healing

Pain reduction


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