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Beer Soaps. Fathers Day is Coming. Smells Amazing! Like a Rich Cold Beer on a Hot Summer Day

Beer Soaps. 'It's the Bomb® Has some Great Fathers Day Products.

Made with Real Beer, you can get them with Oatmeal soap or without. The oatmeal works as a exfoliate so it can help with skin irritations. Oatmeal can remove the scale that forms from working in the sun or outdoors.  Also the oatmeal helps with skin irritations. Our favorites is with the oatmeal just because we like the very creamy texture and the exfoliate properties from the oatmeal specs as a scrubber, they feel good.

These Beer Soaps smell Amazing!  Like a Cold Beer on a Hot Summers Day. 

There are 5 options. Scrub Bars or Rose Buds.

*Beer Oat Scrub Bar

*Beer Soap Bar. Plain Beer Soap no Oatmeal. Creates a clear Beer Soap

*Gift Box bar of each, Beer Oat Scrub & Beer Soap in a heart shaped wooden gift box with a little duck.

Rose Buds. 'This Buds for you' Grandma and Grandpa will love these too. You can get like the picture or a rose bud of each, one without the Oatmeal.

So many options with the Beer Soap, but we promise, you will love this all natural soothing product. We're crazy about it. 

Made in Arizona, USA 

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