History of Penis Lipstick. 'Just the Tip' Penis Lipstick by It's the Bomb Wholesale Stores

By Suzy Bubbles:

We tried to find the history of the Penis Tip and Shaft Lipstick. I remember seeing this product at a bachelorette party when I was around 25, which was 25 years ago, so the Penis Lipstick has been around a long time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the first person or company to do these funny novelty lipsticks.

25 years ago, the penis lipsticks were pretty awful. They smelled like fake plastic, they were very dry and chalky. The whole lipstick would fall off when I used it because it was so awful dry and cheap. So I put the penis back into the tube and I kept it anyway (for the laugh) for 25 years just to remember it existed. I never saw it in a store again.

Fast forward to 2018, It’s the Bomb has it’s own sensual ‘quality’ adult product line, so I looked for this product to add to our own website and to possibly make it better, I always felt it could be a fun quality product.  I felt that it could fit in with our sensual, cheeky and whimsical product line. 

Well, we found the penis lipsticks quite easily on-line and they are everywhere now! Pricing from 3.00 (for the really cheap crap) to 33.00, (for the exact same, really cheap crap). So, it was the same crappy lipstick product it was 25 years ago. Cheap, clear cracked plastic lids with a chalky cheap plastic tasting lipstick.

We next sought out the manufacturer and had them make the lipstick way better for us. We are very creative here at 'It's the Bomb®.  Instead of a plastic lid, we put a nice lid we had them put it in a quality tube as well. Then we added a penis 'Just the Tip' to the lip' label on the tube itself so people can see what is inside. Therefore, even if the penis tip does wear down, the lipstick tube will still be funny, get a laugh and start a conversation.

We have created some really cool visuals for the box of 5. They can come with 5 of the same colors (like buying bulk) or the they can come with the 5 assorted colors. These gift boxes are nice for the girls that don’t mind spending the extra money for the visual of the box of 5. The whole point of these lipsticks is the visual of the Penis tips on the outside and a quality product that women of today will appreciate.

It’s true you can buy the cheap penis lipsticks on Amazon now but they won’t come with classy, cute labels or in these fun boxes. Most women won't buy those either, we all know what a cheap lipstick is. Bonus, these are not expensive either.

We created a way to sell the product other then just the single tubes.  We wanted to make it affordable by selling them in gift boxes of 5 for the bachelorette or whatever penis parties women have. Selling them in a box of 5 helps the girl having the party be able to afford the lipsticks in batches of 5, therefore they can dump them into bachelorette bags or lay them out on a display table.  Each individual box on the inside has it’s own label as well. Making the tube funny without having to open every lipstick.

Penis Lipstick History we found.... Its use was developed in ancient times by prostitutes as a form of advertisement, by painting their lips to match the same color as the inner folds of their vagina, so the male customer would get a glimpse of what he was getting. Lipstick was, then, various shades of red and pink.

If you are a retail store wanting to purchase bulk of the 'Just the Tip to the Lip' Boxes drop us a email. itb@itsthebomb.com



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