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Prostate Awareness and Massager by LELO Top Rated Anal Sex Toys with Remote


I got a chance to talk with the The King of Prostate Massagers, aka Brent Aldon, about Men's Health Awareness Month. Also called Movember or No-Shave November, the premise is to start a conversation about men’s health that wasn’t happening before. Since one of the topics often mentioned is prostate cancer awareness, I thought it was a great time for him to give us some product recommendations.

He says: 
“There are 2 significant months for Aneros that promotes Prostate Awareness and one of them is the month of November. As the Original and Pioneers of prostate toys as well as one of the pioneers in the sexual health and wellness realm, it is important for us to provide support to many of our industry partners but also support the mainstream. Prostate issues (and cancer) is the #2 leading issue/cancer for men (prostate owners.) Our goal is to create awareness for a happier, healthier prostates and more resources and assistance for people with challenges.
As the ‘Prostate Massager King’ I have listed a few items that will not only help for a healthier prostate but other items that go in tandem for an overall experience both sexually and medically.”

Brent Aldon – aka The King of Prostate Massagers - is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Aneros, manufacturer of the world’s most beloved top tier prostate massagers. Brent is well known and loved for his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of all items under the Aneros brand. This passion has earned him several nominations and wins for multiple Pleasure Product industry awards, including Brand Ambassador of the Year.

LELO Bruno
Vibration is a great way to get that extra “UMPH” or take it to the next level.

The LELO Bruno is a high-quality designed product that will get you there, but you have to be careful with vibration. Constant vibration in a very sensitive gland (prostate) may temporarily desensitized you BUT it is a great for that “extra” sensation versus self-propelled prostate devices.

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