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Waterproof Vibrators by Fun Factory

Waterproof Vibrators

Fun Factory Stronic G

Fun Factory Stronic G

This vibrator isn't cheap, but it's worth the investment (trust). It's just as strong in the water as it is outside it, it's lighter than many of its competitors, and it's specifically designed with a strong curve and firm tip to hit your G-spot just right. The Stronic G also thrusts—you heard me, thrusts—as in, moves forward and backward while it buzzes. You basically can't not orgasm.

Customer Reviews

i love fun factory products and is almost 59% of my toys but this in particular is my favorite and most used, this because it has a special kind of movement that not only vibrates but also does a stroke that imitates the back and forth of a sexual intercourse. i love its powerful stroke and its vivid colours.

Zero regrets on my first thrusting vibe

I have always wanted to try a thrusting vibrator and when I bought this, I had only skimmed the description and did not realize it was one! I absolutely adore this vibrator. The g-spot curve hits just right for me, and I find the width satisfying but not overwhelming. And the thrusts!!! The different settings are so fun to explore - there's slower, harder/deeper type thrusts, faster and faster but slightly less-hard thrusts, and patterns that include both. Going hands free might take some repositioning with pillows but I promise I've got it down pat. This is obviously a much pricier vibrator but for me it was absolutely worth every cent. Lasts super long between uses and I have yet to run the battery on one use. This vibe is amazingly fun and pleasures in a different way than any vibe I've tried before. I truly love it! If you're considering investing in this, I say do it - it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Ride the ridges with the Tiger Vibe G5! Each bump adds an increase in tension with every thrust in and out, and the toy is curved to target the G-spot or prostate. The wide base makes it safe for anal play or adds pleasurable cush for clitoral stimulation. Simple button controls and an easy grip-loop handle. Sheathed in silicone, the strong motor has six speeds plus six patterns. Fully waterproof and comes with a two-year warranty. USB rechargeable.

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