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Bath Bomb Dozen Quick Order. "Don't Send Flowers.. w/ Panty Lace Loofah PG

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Bath Bomb quick order item for $69.00. Made in the USA. Includes A variety dozen of our beautiful bath bombs, and a panty lace loofah. 

"Don't send flowers, Send Bath Bombs"

It will look dazzling and smell beautiful sitting in any bathroom. We will pick a beautiful selection for you. We pick for you as if we are picking for ourselves.

It comes as it looks, the Bath Bombs may vary, but they are all colorful, pretty and fresh.

Select if you don't want stickers on the bombs. Or, If you don't mind the cheeky, sometimes a little naughty names on the bath bombs go ahead and go for it. Our names are fun. 

This vessel is plastic so it's safe for children plus no glass in the bathroom to worry about.

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