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Vibrating Tie Dye Butt Plug vibrator with Remote Massager
Vibrating Tie Dye Butt Plug vibrator with Remote Massager

Vibrating Tie Dye Butt Plug with Remote

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Butt Plug Vibrator with Remote! Groovy Tie Dye Vibrator Butt Plug.  NEW!!!  B-Vibe Peace & Love Butt Plug. This is truly a Groovy Butt Plug. A collectable. Play for couples or special me time.

Take an ethereal trip to the promiscuous 60's and experience anal play without guilt with our latest masterpiece, the Peace & Love Tie-Dye Rimming Plug Set.

This limited edition rimming plug aims to rekindle just what the world needs right now — peace, love, sex — through sexual awareness, sexual positivity, and sexual freedom.

To embrace an era of euphoric sex, we created our most distinctive b-Vibe yet! Each Peace & Love Rimming Plug passes a special tie-dye process that's 100% body-safe and makes the toy genuinely unique.

No two plugs are the same, and they're yours to enjoy for eternity.Featuring all of the functions from our idolized Rimming Plug 2, the Peace and Love edition goes one step further by including an 8-piece assortment of collectible swag.


  • Tie-Dye Rimming Plug with Remote Control
  • Guide To Anal Play
  • Storage & Travel Bag
  • Rimming Plug Sticker Set
  • Rimming Woven Patch
  • 4 ButtonPins
  • 24 x 36” Special Edition Poster
  • Special Edition Lanyard
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