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Introductions to It's the Bomb

Sensuality, discretion, sexy and whimsical are the words to describe our cheeky company & product line. It's the Bomb® is an Award Winning! company with 12+ award wins for our products with at least 20 nominations. It's the Bomb® is female based, all our products are proudly made by women, and exclusively ran by women too.

It's the Bomb® caters to all genders; Straight, Men, Women, Gay, Lesbian, Princess or Queen, whatever you choose to be, It's the Bomb® is gender neutral. We have separated some of the products into specific categories hoping to keep the visuals gender comfortable.

It's the Bomb® is set-up for retail stores and for Drop-ship products. Created and designed by Suzy Bubbles. Sign up for an account, email us your business information, we will tag you a Buyer. Contact email is It's the Bomb® usually replies immediately or the next day.

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