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It's the Bomb, About Us

Sensuality, discretion, sexy and whimsical are the words to describe our cheeky company & product line.

We are an Award Winning! company with 12+ award wins for our products with at least 20 nominations. We are female based, all our products are proudly made by women our company is ran by women too.

We cater to all genders; Straight, Men, Women, Gay, Lesbian, Princess or Queen, whatever you choose to be, we are very gender neutral. We have separated some of the products into specific categories hoping to keep the visuals gender comfortable.

Although we focus on HEMP products, Bath Bombs, Novelties, Naughty Soaps and Personal Sensuality, we are also known for catering to the Party. Bachelorette Parties, Bachelor Parties, LGBTQ+, Gay Parties, Wedding Parties, Sex Party, Swinger Parties, Divorce Parties, Dirty 30 Parties, Chalk Cock Painting Party, Gender Reveals, any excuse you can think of to party, etc.

‘It’s the Bomb’ is very picky with what we sell. If the product is ‘The Bomb’ aka Awesome! We will carry that product.

We are very discreet, safe and based in Arizona, USA.

Sensual HEMP Line is made in the USA. We have our HEMP counts tested often. Our HEMP Line has multiple Awards; HEMP SPA 250 mg Massage oil, HEMP 300 mg Bath Bombs, HEMP 250 mg Balm & HEMP 100 mg SEXY Lube

Naughty Soap line is made in the USA: Our own designs and hand made molds are made by us in the USA. We use essential oils for fragrance and cosmetic colorants. 

It’s the Bomb novelties are Made in the USA: Bachelorette Gift of the Year, Award winning ‘Chalk Cock®’, Bachelorette Gift of the Year, Award Winning ‘Pet Cock Willy’ & ’The Dicky’s’

Surprise Bath Bombs made in the USA. Our own design, these come with a bullet vibrator at the core, they look like an actual canon ball bomb, we even put a flame on the tip of the wick.

PooBombs are made in the USA too. ‘Drop it before you plop it’ or drop it in after you flush then walk away. Toilet and Bathroom refresher. The baking soda in the PooBomb is also good for cleaning the toilet a bit too. Men love these, plus you get the beautiful fragrance of a bath bomb in your bathroom for a while.

Bath Salts; Award Winning ‘Activated Black Charcoal Detox’ aka ABCD, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Aqua Sea Salt & Bubble Crush are some favorites too.

We are set-up for retail stores and for Drop-ship products. Created and designed by Suzy Bubbles. Sign up for an account, then email us your business information, we will tag you with the code word, Buyer.

Our Bath Bombs made of essential oils have amazing scents and fragrances.  Their effervescence fizzing is sure to make your bath water relaxing and soothing.  From naughty to nice, sweet to soothing, exhilarating, energizing, or calming, these spherical bath bombs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Contact email is we usually reply immediately or the next day.

Thank you for your business,  Suzy Bubbles and the ‘Bomb Squad’

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