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Masks with Crystals. Pretty and Sexy Masks. Covered in Crystals. If you have to wear a mask, make it a pretty mask.

Masks covered in sparkling crystals. If you have to wear a mask, might as well be a pretty, blingy, sexy mask.

These masks are a very high quality material with tiny Austrian crystals, tastefully placed all over the front.

We sell these wholesale for stores or here on the web-site. 

Nude Mask with AB Crystals (AB Crystals on a Nude Mask),

Red on Red Mask, (Red Austrian Crystals placed on Red Masks),

Black on Black Mask, (Black Austrian Crystals on a Black Mask),

Silver Mask with silver AB Crystals (Silver AB Crystals on a Silver Mask),

White Mask with AB Crystals (AB Crystals on a White Mask),

Pink Mask with AB Crystals (AB Crystals on a Pink Mask)

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