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Penis Soap 'Chubs' Cute little Penis Party Soap. Come in pop-top cans ready for retail stores.

Penis Soaps, Cute Party Novelty Adult Soaps. 'Chubs' is cute and comfortable to have around, kind of a whimsical penis soap. 'Chubs' fits nicely in your hand. Chubs Dick Soap come in Black, Purple, Pink and Blue.

LGBTQ, Bachelorette Parties, Gay Bachelor Parties, Swinger Parties, Gay wedding gifts, etc

These Penis Party Soaps come in a cute little pop-top gift can. We sell them here or for stores and drop-ship clients. 

White Sperm 'Spermie' Soap is gender neutral Musk with a bit of sparkle.

  • Pink Penis Party soap is fruity floral with a hint of cherry
  • Black Penis Party Soap is neutral sexy a touch of musk
  • Purple Penis Party Soap is floral berry. People say he smells purply
  • Blue Penis Party Soap is Bite me fruity, very popular fragrance
  • Orange Penis Party is tropical citrus
  • Green Penis Party Soap is Lime Coconut Verbena

These come in really cute pop-top retail ready cans.  We are in stores all across America. 

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