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PooBombs for gifts and parties. PooBombs create beautiful bathroom decorations.

PooBomb collective is one of our special collections. We loved the Bath Bombs Essential Oil fragrances that lingered in the bathroom after a luxurious Bath so much, that we created PooBombs. The PooBomb fragrance will also linger in a bath room after a PooBomb so that is what led us to the PooBomb collection.

We put them in clear bathroom vessels to display some color. We created 12 different PooBomb fragrances and colors.

We don't like to label PooBomb colors to specific genders. We did however name just a few of these PooBomb color combinations to give you some ideas on the color combination possibilities. 

A fun color combination of poobombs for specific parties is available too. PooBombs come in a gift box of 12. We can do any color combination of the PooBombs you like though.

Some say 'DROP IT BEFORE YOU PLOP IT' some say just drop it in after your business is done. Flush the toilet, drop the PooBomb in then walk away.

Eliminates lingering odors, plus bath bombs smell so nice in a bath room. They’re also beautiful sitting in a vessel on the shelf or bathroom counter.

PooBombs do a bit of cleaning while sitting in the toilet too. They contain baking soda so you will get a bit of cleaning in the process. It will prevent the build up of toilet bowl scum with regular use of  poobombs! However, we make no claims in any way of the poobombs.  These are just a fun novelty product that look beautiful in a bathroom and will make the whole room smell really nice. 

Safe for most toilets, they contain baking soda.

Every gentle color has a different fragrance. We do not use a lot of color in the PooBomb to keep the toilets safe.


No more lingering embarrassing scent, especially great for parties.

Do not bathe in these, they are only for the toilet only! PooBombs are mostly about fragrance so they don't contain all the beautiful oils of a usual bath bomb.

Fun Fact: these poobombs will make your bathroom, clothing and drawers smell fresh and fabulous as well! We keep them in our dresser drawers too


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