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'Soap On A Rope' Bubble Butt Soap-on-a-rope or Boobies Soap-on-a-rope.

It's the Bomb has 2 Soap-on-a-rope choices. These are ours exclusively, we created the molds. So cute and the most perfect gift. You won't find these anywhere else other then 'It's the Bomb®

Bubble Butt & Boobies weighs a large 9 ounces, so they will last a while. They are both very girthy too.

All our soaps are made in Arizona.  All natural soap and they smell fabulous! We use essential oils for fragrance and make-up grade colorants.  We try to keep the products on the lighter size so we don't have to use too much colorant.

The Boobs soap-on-a-rope are about a B cup size. They come in a light Nude color because we are trying to not add too much color to protect grout in the shower. However, we've never had an issue regarding color in a shower.

You can request certain colors if you like. 

Bubble Butt comes in Pink, Black, Blue, Purple or Nude. They smell fabulous!

  • Pink Bubble Butt is Fruity Floral 
  • Purple Bubble Butt is Floral Berry
  • Black Bubble Butt is Neutral Sexy
  • Blue Bubble Butt is Bite me Fruity
  • Nude Bubble Butt is a soft floral musk


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