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Suckle Rose® Sucking Rose Bud with Vibrating Stem. It's the Bomb® exclusive.

SUCKLE ROSE®  Sucking Rose Bud & Rumbling, Vibrating Rose Stem action all in one toy. Sexy, Sweet and Discreet!

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It's the bomb® likes to come up with their own discreet tasteful adult toys. The 'Suckle Rose® is our newest creation.  This toy will be debuted in Dallas for the Dallas Gift Market June 2021. This toy has been seen before but we took it up a notch had it made better and truly improved it.  We also put an amazing box design together.

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The ’Suckle Rose’ is an awesome dual purpose adult toy.  Bonus 1! Get 2 toys in one beautiful Rose toy. Bonus 2! It doesn't look like an adult toy, it's very sweet and discreet looking.

sucking rose bud vibrator, sucking rose, rose vibrator, suckling rose vibrator

The ‘Suckle Rose®’ has 5 different sucking rose bud head settings and the stem is a powerful vibrator with 10 different settings.  The motors work together or separate from each other allowing the user to be in charge of their own experiences.

This is a perfect gift of a Single Rose. Comes in a beautiful single rose gift Box that's made in the USA. This rose will be the gift that keeps on giving after the regular rose would just die.

A beautiful gift that a couple can use together or by yourself. Your special someone may think of you giving this beautifully gift boxed Rose every time they use it.

Directions in the box. 

The rose bud is a sucking MOTION? The stem is where the vibrations are.

* Both ends have different functions. Dual stimulation.

* 2 different toys for the price of 1

* Rose Bud suckles, 5 different suction patterns

* Stem is an intense vibrator with 10 different rumbling patterns

* Very quiet motors

* Beautifully gift boxed, made in the USA

* Discreet look, does not look like a sex toy

* Waterproof

* Soft food safe silicone. Very soft and smooth

* Magnetic USB click rechargeable

* Both ends can work together or separately

* Easy to use with a partner

Warnings: keep away from children, this is an adult product.

Test sucking intensity before you use on flesh.

sucking rose bud vibrator, sucking rose, rose vibrator, suckling rose vibrator

Reviews taken from online reviews for feedback purposes:

Purri: ***** The suction on the sucker end of this is great! I thought it might be awkward to use because of the shape but that gave me no issue at all, and actually might be more comfortable for my hand to use than another brand of sucker I have. The 'stem' or vibrator part of this toy is quite flexible and the overall feel of the toy is nice and smooth. The charging cord for it is the magnetic type, though the cord for it could stand to be longer. 

KFelllz: ***** I can’t even find the words to describe this toy! They did what they needed to do making this one. There are multiple settings for both suction and vibration each better than the last. Super easy to use you don’t even need the manual (but still read it lol). So happy I added this to my collection, it’s really my new favorite.

Kenz: ***** Wow, this toy Is the cutest one I have yet. The design is simple and easy to clean, I’m excited to use all the features along with the sucking and vibration actions. I like that this toy Dow two things at once, it’s not super super noisey but it is in the mid range, making it ideal for adult time with music playing. The material is good quality, color was enticing and I say again, the design is so smart and makers me so curious to try . The toy can be intense, but so so good, I haven’t felt this feelingg in a long time and almost never so close to the sploosh.

Goldie: ***** So like most of us, I got the Rose suction you as a gift and lost my mind.  Well when I saw this upgrade, I thought next level!
I was not disappointed.
Let’s just say I don’t have to go pass the first level on either suction or vibration.
Bonus: my partner can use one end while I use the other 😁

Jewels: ***** The best!!! The power on this bad boy will literally have you waterfalling in minutes. Also the vibration is super strong and has so many different levels so you'll definitely get your moneys worth. Buy this iteam you need it in your life💯.

Hanna ***** When I say my soul left my body I’m serious this thing is amazing you need to get it

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