Weeny Washer, Weenie Washer Mouth 'Gag Gift'

Weenie Washer "Gag Gift" or Weeny Washer? We here the name is it spelled both ways so we use both ways. Hysterically funny gift of soap.  In the shower or in a guest soap dish. They smell Fabulous!

Don't fall for just a round piece of soap. Go for the 'Weeny Washer Mouth' Hysterically Funny! Men laugh out loud every time they see this funny, unique product.. 

We will let you use your imagination. The Weeny Washer Mouth comes in a sealed re-usable pop-top can.

If you want a certain color, let us know, every Weeny Washer is made to order. 

  • Pink Weenie Washer is fruity floral with a hint of cherry
  • Purple Weenie Washer is floral berry. People say he smells purply
  • Blue Weenie Washer is Bite me fruity, very popular fragrance
  • Martian Green Weenie Washer is Tropical Citrus 

Our own molds created here by us at 'It's the Bomb® These come retail store ready. We are in a lot of stores across the country. But, if you can't find us, you can buy here on the itsthebomb.com website.

Made in Arizona, USA

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